Image of  "Capital Crank" Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

"Capital Crank" Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt


"Capital Crank" Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is a symphony of holiday cheer and rhythmic soul. Prominently featuring the names "Love DC Go-Go, Mitchcraft, and CrankRock DC," each word is intricately designed into a lively pattern of snowflakes and Congo drums, illustrating the essence of Go-Go's rhythm and beats.

Presented in a vivid red hue, the "Capital Crank" is crafted from a high-quality blend of 80% Ringspun Cotton and 20% Polyester. This mix ensures the garment is cozy and warm yet durable, perfect for embracing the holiday season's festive spirit.

With a substantial 8.3oz fabric weight, it offers just the right amount of warmth to keep you comfortable during winter festivities, whether indoors or out.

The sweatshirt boasts a detailed knit, with each snowflake and Conga drum pattern rendered with precision and care, adding a tactile depth to the visual appeal.

It's designed to stand out in the crowd at any holiday event. The "Capital Crank" sweatshirt is more than an ugly Christmas sweater alternative—it's a fashionable statement that reflects a deep appreciation for Go-Go music and holiday fun.

Ideal for Go-Go music enthusiasts, proud DC residents, or anyone looking for a distinctive and spirited take on traditional holiday attire.

Recognizing the cultural significance of the DC music scene, this sweatshirt is available in a limited edition, elevating it from a simple holiday garment to a collectible piece for aficionados of unique, music-inspired fashion.

The "Capital Crank" Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt isn't just holiday apparel; it's a celebration of rhythm, culture, and festive exuberance. Perfect for those looking to blend their love for DC's Go-Go music with the joyous atmosphere of the Christmas season, this sweatshirt promises to be a conversation starter and a cherished addition to any holiday wardrobe.