This is an original artwork collage piece created from artwork, photos, logos and symbols. Many hours went into layout, effects, layer shifting, masking, drawing and re-drawing. A must have for any US History aficionado / enthusiasts.

Shirt is ideal for framing or wearing when being exclusive is desired.

Tired of wearing a shirt EVERYONE seems to have? Say no more!

--You will own 1 of ONLY 40 in the world! Exclusivity Matters!

-High Quality shirt made of 100% Polyester (Moisture wicking / Dri-fit style material)
-T-Shirt is imaged with a Color Fusion / Sublimation Technology. Color Fusion allows for very vibrant, deep color to be infused into the fabric (no peeling, chipping). During the imaging process, the natural characteristics of the shirt allow for every shirt to be unique. It is normal for the seams, seam areas, and underarms to have subtle voids of color. However, we do not use that as an excuse to avoid craftsmanship during the imaging process. We keep voids and light areas as minute and as limited as possible.

Shirt: Inside Out
Hand Wash or Machine Wash Delicate setting Warm or Cold water, No Bleach
Air Dry or Machine Dry on Low / Medium setting

-Your shirt will be PRODUCED and SHIPPED within 2-4 BUSINESS days from the date of purchase.
-Due to the EXCLUSIVE, CUSTOM nature of these shirts….NO RETURNS / REFUNDS will be permitted! (Unless CrankRock is at fault with producing and/or shipping the incorrect shirt)

Your Exclusive The Job Shirt will be examined post-production to assure it has been imaged properly and contains no imaging defects outside the scope of what are natural characteristics.